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“Anthurium Magic #7” (Not Poo Mix) Substrate - Shipping Included

“Anthurium Magic #7” (Not Poo Mix) Substrate - Shipping Included

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4 gallon, 6 gallon

Hey everyone!! We're currently low on our raw materials to make our mixes, so we are backed up fulfilling soil orders. Please note that if you make a soil purchase it could be up to 3 weeks until we are able to ship your order. We still want to keep them available for sale for you all so we are keeping them stocked on the website for you to purchase! Thank you so much for your patience!

You've been waiting... it's finally here! This is the anthurium mix!!! It is MAGIC! 
NWE Not Poo Substrate Mix 
Our magical blend that's DEFINITELY NOT POO!!! 

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