When do you ship?

Please see our Shipping Policy for details. 


Where do you ship? 

We only ship within USA and its territories only (except Guam. Sorry Guam!)


Are the plants pictured exactly what I will receive? 

Yes they are. All photos are taken the same week they are uploaded to the website.


I'm local. Can I pick my order up?

Yes! You can the discount code LOCALPICKUP at checkout and message us on Instagram or Facebook, or text us at (561) 801-5037 as soon as you place your order and let us know that you'd like to arrange pickup. Make sure to include your order number in your message. 


I'd like to cancel my order, what do I need to do?

We provide full order cancellation, with a full refund (minus a 10% restocking fee), within 24 hours of your order being placed. After 24 hours, it's on a case by case basis (we understand emergencies happen!), but generally we will offer a credit to our store in the amount of your original purchase if your order has not been shipped.


I received my plant but the package was beat up/destroyed and the plant sustained damage!  What do I do?

Message us AS SOON as you see your plant arrived with damage! We can very likely help you save it! 

Plants broken at the stem can have their tops repotted. Pot the plant in a well-draining mix up to the lowest growth point where there should be some aerial roots. The bottom will sprout new growth and you will end up with double the plants 🥳

Keep the box, plant(s), and all packaging material and send us pictures in case we are able to claim any damages. Please note, we insure all plants before shipping but there is no guarantee that UPS will admit fault and honor the claim. 


I received my plant but some of the leaves have yellowed/died during transit!

Certain plants are a bit fussy during shipping, but with proper care should bounce back.  If you believe this is an issue that is not of normal plant shock nature please contact us with photos within 48 hours of receiving, so that we can take a further look.

*NOTE: Cosmetic damage is NOT covered, we are sticking a plant in a box and there is a possibility of superficial damage. However, we do guarantee your plant will arrive HEALTHY.


I purchased some soil off your website and I want to re-pot my plants! What do I need to know?

Thank you so much for purchasing one of our substrate mixes! When repotting, make sure to remove all the old substrate from the roots and check how big the root system is to determine what size pot you need to go up to. The roots should have room to grow in their new pot, but not more than a 1 inch gap between the root ball and the edge of the pot! 

Be sure to fill in any gaps between and around the roots with your substrate so there are no air pockets. Once your plant is repotted, it is important to THOROUGHLY water it in by flushing water from the top until the water coming out the bottom of the pot runs clean. 

New soil needs to be saturated all the way through until the water runs clean. This does a lot of things: it settles the soil around the roots, flushes out any impurities, and possibly most important preps the soil for an even watering in the future. If the mix is never thoroughly soaked, there can be pockets of wet and dry areas every single time you water. Think of a brand new, dry sponge that needs to be fully saturated before it can work properly - substrate is similar!


My package has been in USPS system for over a week with no updates.  What do I do?

Unfortunately, there isn't much we can do once your package has been dropped off at the post office.  You'll need to contact USPS.  Any damages due to delayed or mishandled packages cannot be refunded by us, but we can help walk you through filing a claim with USPS for a refund on the insurance.

Please note, USPS Priority shipping only includes $50 of insurance and Priority Express shipping includes $100 of insurance. USPS does not cover perishables unless lost or damage to the box has occurred. Additional insurance can be added upon request by contacting us within 24 hours of placing your order.