Quest of the Golden Ticket

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Welcome to the Quest of Golden Ticket
Read Rules and details below
To claim the prize on your golden ticket and unlock the next level of prizes you must complete this quest first…
  1. Post a photo or video to your Instagram feed of your golden ticket, tag @nextworldexotics and use hashtag #nwegoldenticket23 in the caption. 
  1. Join our Facebook Group NWE’s Rare plants- Monstera Philodendron Anthurium and more! 
  1. Join our website with your email.  
🚨 4. Message us a photo of your ticket and the serial number when steps 1-3 are complete and we will summon the winnings from your ticket…
🔑 By signing up for the website you will have access to discount codes, freebies, clues, games, and prizes exclusively for website members via email during the Quest of the Golden Ticket AND during the Plantimas event.
New Achievement Unlocked!
 Congratulations, you have claimed your prize and unlocked more ways to win….
Quest 1 – Many Moons
Welcome to your first Golden Ticket Quest. In this quest the player with the most liked photo or video of or with their Golden Ticket has a chance to win another prize. We will be choosing a winner at the end of each month and announcing one grand prize winner during Plantimas.
Players may submit as many entries as they would like and if chosen the winning photo or video must be present on their feed when the winner is announced. You may post as many as you like.
🗡️ Rules to play:
  1. Post your best or funniest photo or video of your golden ticket, tag @nextworldexotics and #nwegoldenticket23
You already have done one entry by claiming the prize from your Golden Ticket, now get your friend to like you post and win more!
🚨 We will be searching winners by using the hashtag
  1. The serial number on your ticket must be visible in at least one of the photos in your post or at some point during your video
100 golden coins ($100) Grand Prize – to be revealed (Think dragon hoard)
 Golden coins can be used for a shopping spree on, used towards a chance to win on another quest, on any of our Live Auctions or Facebook Sales. Each coin is valued at $1.
✨Quest 2 – The Wheel of Torment✨
Each week the Wheel of Torment will be turned.  Maybe once, maybe twice, maybe thrice. With each turn a number will be revealed…  Match the revealed numbers horizonal, vertical, or diagonal on your enchanted card to win a magical prize…..
Mer mortals call this..Bingo, but here in the quest realm we call it TORCHER!
🗡️ Rules to Play:
  1. Upon receiving your golden ticket, you must message us post haste! You will be sent 5 magical torment cards (bingo cards).
  2. The wheel of torment will be spun during our Monday night Instagram Live Auctions at 8pm est. or as otherwise announced.
  3. Match the numbers horizonal, vertical, or diagonal and call out Boom-Shaka-Laka! in the IG Live comments! Then send us a photo of your enchanted card and golden ticket (with serial number visible) to claim your winnings.
Prizes will vary each week. From Golden Coins, to plants, to crystals, and more…..
Golden coins can be used for a shopping spree on, used towards a chance to win on another quest, on any of our Live Auctions or Facebook Sales. Each coin is valued at $1.
✨Quest 3 – Chance and Fortune✨
Is luck on your side? It just might be…. Every week during our Instagram Live, Monday Night at 8pm est., the Wheel of Chance and Fortune will be spun..but only once.
We will be keeping track of Golden Tickets as they are claimed and assigning them a number. Each week we will draw a number out of the Wheel of Fortune and potentially a lucky random winner. If there is no winner that week the prize roles over to the next week and is added to that week’s prize pot. If by the last week of the month there is no winner we will draw numbers until someone wins all 4 or 5 prizes from the previous weeks. The drawing will starts over the next month with one prize week one.
You have a 1 in 25 chance… unless of course you acquire more than one golden ticket.
You can use 10 Golden Coins to spin the wheel and draw a number. Numbers 1-7 win out of 25. Prizes will be announced before drawing.
🗡️ Rules to Play:
  1. You must be on the Instagram Live at the time of the drawing or whatever platform the game is being played that week.
Plants valued at $50 - $200. Like rare plants, crystals, fossils, and more.
Golden coins can be used for a shopping spree on, used towards a chance to win on another quest, or redeemed to store in your treasure chest at home.
What is Plantimas? -The Greatest Giveaway Event of the Year, you say?
(Details coming soon)
*Giveaway fine print*
Giveaway not associated with Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. Void where prohibited.
Participation rule must be followed. Entries that do not follow all of the giveaways participation rules forfeit their ability to win.
Participants that exhibit rude, distasteful, or disrespectful behavior towards other participants, NWE staff, or hosts will forfeiting their right to participate and risk losing access to all events and accounts.
Lastly, this is meant to be fun and is our way of saying thank you every year.  We do our best and seek to improve with each holiday season, but we’re not perfect. So please be a good sport.
Thank you.
By participating in The Golden Ticket giveaway you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.