PLANTiMUS 2023-2024

PLANTiMUS 2023-2024

🎁 💝 Here comes PLANTiMUS! 💝 🎁

PLANTiMUS is our holiday to you all to say thank you so much for your support throughout the year. We are so grateful for all of you!!! 😊🎁🎄🕎🪴🎊

We are giving away around $10k-30k in plants this year 😮. The free plants will range from $50 to over $1,000 🤩!




How to join the fun below ⬇️ 3 nights of mayhem! 🪴🎄🎁



 INSTAGRAM 1/8/2024 @ 7:00 pm EST (day 1 the main event, we generally go late! Till 3-4am)


 How to win (on our Instagram page)


1️⃣ LIKE the plantimus post & FOLLOW: @nextworldexotics. (You must be following the page to win)
2️⃣ TAG your friends!!! Every tag/comment is (1) entry so tag as many people as you’d like in separate comments. (We use a random generator on the post, so each comment really is one entry 😁 you must tag a real person for it to count! We will be checking. But you can tag 100 people if you want.) We run the generator live! So you will see the winners in real time 🥳.
3️⃣ REPOST with “Next World Exotics” on your story or your page for an extra entry. Make sure to tag @nextworldexotics
4️⃣  Plantimus will take place during our Monday night (1/8/24) insta live auction. Every half hour (sometimes more sometimes less) we will give away more plants and run the random name generator on the plantimus post !!! If no winner we run the generator again! In-between the free plants will be an auction with very low starting bids on a huge variety of rare plants 😁
5️⃣ Games, Trivia and Scavenger hunt. Tip #1 I would suggest following our company Facebook page as some of the free plants will have a scavenger hunt where you will have to find something on another page. Tip#2 use a computer and a phone.
6️⃣ You do pay shipping for your Plantimus free plants. If you win plants in the auction we will combine orders and wins


Winners will be drawn every half hour starting at 7:30 pm EST during our Instagram live ***Make sure you follow ALL entry guidelines to have a chance to win!***


This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram.







💎 THE HIDDEN NIGHT (plantimus day 2) 1/10/24 @ 8pm est

If you have followed us over last year you will have heard there is a hidden night and know where to find it 😁 … if you do not know, ask our community or be on night one and I will say it a few times 😁







🏬 WEBSITE FRENZY(plantimus night 3) 1/11/24 starts at 8:30 pm est till midnight...

This night is going to be frenzy style as well! I will go live (on Instagram) at 8:30 pm est and will start reducing prices on already discounted plants and will post random free plants along with the pre uploaded ones! This is going to be a wild night 🥳



How to win (on the website)

1️⃣ Register an account on our website (it will make it much much faster for you to claim a prize).
2️⃣ Every 15 to 30 minutes we will load new free plants on the website. We are not naming them like last year 😂. People caught on to that.
3️⃣ Get the free plant in your cart and pay for shipping and it’s all yours!!!! That’s it 😁. (Hint- be fast!!!! It was insane how quickly they were grabbed last year,. That is why we suggest making an account.)
4️⃣ IMPORTANT- the plantimus plant will have a price of $0… Also, if you want to buy something do it after you check out on a plantimus plant they go fassssst! THE CART DOES NOT PROTECT YOU!!! After checking out your plantimus win go back and buy any plants you want! (We refund any overage on shipping so don’t worry about that!)
5️⃣ You do not have to buy anything to win or even have been a customer in the past 🥳



 Thats all for now! Make sure you're well rested and fully stocked on snacks and wifi! We'll see you there!

Wishing you GOOD LUCK this year 🍀 🕎🎄🕎🎄

NWE Team

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