The Quest of the Golden Ticket 2023

The Quest of the Golden Ticket 2023

A Giant Plant Giveaway! 

The Quest of the Golden Ticket by Next World Exotics is an interactive adventure where lucky Golden Ticket winners not only win the prize on the golden ticket they receive, but they also have secret access to unlock additional Quests and a chance to win more prizes only available to golden ticket winners.


 Last year was a nod to the Willy Wonka ticket, this year was inspired our game play in Diablo 4. You will now have multiple quests for prizes on your campaign to the “end game”…. PLANTiMAS!


The hero’s journey begins….


 100 golden tickets containing prizes have been randomly sealed in envelopes with a limited-edition art print. Prizes range from free shipping to high-end plants and some even contain super prizes for use during PLANTiMUS (our giant plant giveaway the first week of January)


Winning is in your favor!

⚜️ Every box in your order through the website, live auction, and in-person sale or pick-up has a chance to win (from now till we stop shipping in mid December)

⚜️ Every box will have an envelope in it. It will either have a limited art print OR a print and a GOLDEN TICKET (there are 100+ golden tickets) ! So if you get 5 boxes in your order you will receive 5 envelopes and 5 chances to win.

⚜️ That’s it! That’s all you have to do 



To claim the prize on your golden ticket and unlock the next level of prizes you must teleport to Quest Realm using the portal (QR Code) on the back of your Golden Ticket.

Further instructions await you there…..


Campaign Checkpoints


Instagram Live Rare Plant Auction - Every Monday 8pm est. @nextworldexotics

Website restocks - 

Spontaneous Sales – Website Frenzies, At Our International Aroid Show Booth, In-Person Pick-ups, and more….


PLANTiMAS - End Game – The Boss Level

 PLANTiMAS is a holiday we created for the plant community to end and start the year with a bang! It’s our giveaway event filled with amazing rare plants! (More details start coming out in October for PLANTiMUS) watch our social platforms and website for details!

 Good luck everyone! Let the games begin!

~ Next World Wizards


Want more? How about a side quest........

⚜️ Details coming soon ⚜️ 





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