Father’s Day Instagram live plant auction and giveaway! 💝

Father’s Day Instagram live plant auction and giveaway! 💝

🎁🎁Monday night Instagram live auction and GIVEAWAY is ON 6/19 @ 8pm est 🎁🎁
🦄 Unicorn city, some first time offered- Variegated Dark Lord, Var Gloriosum type 2, XL Var Squamiferum 🦄

💝💝 Father’s Day giveaway! We will be giving plants away every 30 mins! You must be signed up to our website nextworldexotics.com for our weekly emails for the details on how to win! The email will go out Sunday evening so you have time! Short version- we will have all the clues to the questions asked during the live to win in the email.🥳 💝💝

🌱☘️ Short list of auction plants!
🦄 Var Dark Lord 😁
🦄 Var Gloriosum type 2 🥳
🦄 Var Philo Squamiferum 😱
🦄 Paraiso verde aurea!!! 😮
🦄 Variegated spiritus 🤯
🦄 Variegated Joepii 🥰
🦄 Variegated atabapoense 💗
- Homalomena peach
- white knight galaxy
-Carmel marble
-philodendron cotton Candy 🍭
-Pink Mutation!!! New plant 🤩
-Doc Block high color!
-Large form monstera sports
-Variegated anthurium SKG fat boy X Doc block “zara X michelle”
-Florida beauty
-Strawberry shake
-Thai cons super high color!
- anthurium seedlings
-Variegated anthurium
-giant mother stock!

Any questions about anything above just post in the comments ☺️

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