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Princess Potting Mix

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This mix is newer and has solved a lot of problems I was having with some plants in Aroid #1. Pink princess seemed to hate the chunky mix so I made something just for them, and they love it!!! I also now use this on jewel Alocasia (yea it’s awesome for them!) variegated black cardinals, red hearts etc. Any of your Philos that have those skinny fine roots will love this! I’ve switched a good portion of Homalomena and Aglaonema to this as well. Actually, all of my Aglaonema are now grown in this.
Fast draining, drys at a good even pace. Light and fluffy mix. You can grow anything in this from Monstera to Calathea. We also use this as a rooting mix for a lot of plants - Jose Bueno, Pink Princess, etc.
What’s in it:
  • Promix
  • Coco fibers
  • Coco chips
  • Coir
  • Perlite
  • Orchid bark (fine)