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Aroid #3 Substrate - Shipping Included

Aroid #3 Substrate - Shipping Included

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Hey everyone!! We're currently low on our raw materials to make our mixes, so we are backed up fulfilling soil orders. Please note that if you make a soil purchase it could be up to 3 weeks until we are able to ship your order. We still want to keep them available for sale for you all so we are keeping them stocked on the website for you to purchase! Thank you so much for your patience!

NOTE- sorry everyone, we had to increase our prices on substrate, we kept it the same price all through out Covid to keep prices down, but with all the material cost increases we finally had to raise it 😢 as soon as the ingredients go back down in cost we will reduce it again!!!

This is our go-to for almost all Aroids, especially our sport Monstera and small form (Albo & Aurea). Works great for anything that likes to forms chunky roots and climb. Super fast draining but holds water inside the materials to make sure your plants aren’t sitting in water, but have the moisture they need. I use this mix inside the hot room and outdoors. This mix helps the roots become very think, and my variegated Monstera sports explode in this.

•Drains and dries faster then aroid #1 so it’s perfect for very high humidity environments. It can handle lots of rain or sprinklers very well.
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